First off, I wanna give you a short overview of the markets/festivals in Ireland here in this article:

Willie Clancy Festival in June – Co. Clare

Eyeries Family Festival, July 2016 – Co. Cork

Midleton Food & Dring Festival, September – Co. Cork

Bantry Agricultural Show, September 2016 – Co. Kerry

Bantry Market – Co. Kerry

Kenmare Fair Day, August – Co. Kerry

Kenmare Farmers Market, Co. Kerry

Milltown Farmers Market, Co. Kerry

Ireland is known for the many street markets, flea markets, farmers markets, car boot sales, Christmas markets and so many festivals.

In 2015, a befriended couple of mine encouraged me to join some of the Christmas community markets in Kerry as I am a passionate jewellery maker and had a lot of handmade stuff in my craft room that wanted to change owner: 😀

I was honored to be part of three Christmas community markets in Glenbeigh, Portmagee and Foilmore (Caherciveen) in County Kerry. It was such an interesting experience for me and I met a lot of very nice local people and from all over the world.

When I did my two months volunteering in Ireland 2016, I had the once in a lifetime chance to see so many markets, farmers markets but also some festivals in Ireland from the view as a trader as I was the helping hand of a market stall owner during summer 2016.

Market trading is very common in Ireland, but obviously not only. It was very interesting for me meeting so many different people with interesting backgrounds selling their own handcrafted products, very tasty local food, souvenirs and so many other unique products.

If you are interested in the Irish markets and events all over Ireland, here is a very informative website about it:

So, make sure not to miss an event!

Willie Clancy Festival in June – Co. Clare

Ireland has a fantastic festival scene. County Clare, for instance, is known as the traditional music capital of Ireland as you can read in this forum about Festivals 2017 in Ennis area.

As I have also been on the Festival of Music & Dancing near Ennis, Miltown Malbay, I am very proud to share some pictures I’ve made from the mentioned Festival during Willie Clancy Week (Ireland’s largest traditional music Summer School) in June 2016 below.

This yearly event is a traditional Irish music gathering that always attracts many visitors. I was supposed to help at the market stall, so I was very lucky to witness so many of the musicians playing their instruments in almost every corner of Miltown Malbay:

Eyeries Family Festival, July 2016 – Co. Cork

Eyeries, Beara Peninsula, Co. Cork

From 15th – 17th July 2016, the Eyeries Family Festival took place on the Beara Peninsula, Co. Cork.

Eyeries in the Mist
Eyeries in the Mist


Eyeries is known for its colourful houses:

Midleton Food & Dring Festival, September – Co. Cork

The Food & Drink Festival from 4th – 10th September 2016 was the 14th in Midleton, Co. Cork. There are many events during these days, the Street Festival I attended took place the 10th September 2016. One of the purposes of the Food & Drink Festival is to bring awareness of the importance of the local food and drink producers to the people:

It’s history tells a story of struggles and triumphs where food and drink producers have been taken for granted and undervalued. Thankfully that is no longer the case. Awareness of the importance of our local food and drink producers and pride in what they bring to the region has never been higher.

East Cork is home to masters of the culinary arts, transforming the local produce into dishes to savour. Sometimes the art is in the simplicity, other times through intricacy and patience. The Midleton Food and Drink Festival 2016 is held at a traditional time of celebration following harvest. It is a gathering up of all that is good in food and drink in the region and allowing consumers to interact with producers.

Read here what a wonderful monument you can find only a few steps away from Midleton centre!

Bantry Agricultural Show, September 2016 – Co. Cork

The Bantry Agricultural Show was held 4th September at the Bantry Airport, Co. Cork. We were there with a market stall and lots of visitors with their families and animals, too!

Lots of fun not only for the animals (hopefully) but for sure for the kids:

Bantry Market – Co. Cork

Bantry Market is a General market, Craft market and Farmers market and takes place every Friday in Bantry, Co. Cork at the central town square.

The Bantry market is a regular Friday market and the most crowded Friday is always the first one of each month (the Traditional Fair Day).

I’ve been there almost every Friday for two months and I can say that the market attracts always many visitors! It is very huge and there is also a Flea market section.

Situated on the coast, it can be very windy and stormy sometimes and more than once we’ve seen flying away our stuff! 😀

So, be warned – but have fun! 😀


Only a few steps away from the town square, 2014 I discovered a very interesting poster in the window of a Restaurant worth sharing with you:

Unfortunately, I did not check if it’s still there, but next time when I will be in Bantry, I will going to check this out! 😀

And don’t miss this in Bantry: when you are entering Bantry, at the right side of the road you will see the thatched house in the image below with beautiful wooden Celtic ornaments on the door and under the roof! You cannot miss the Foodstore sign on the house! Make a quick stop and have a look at it (click to enlarge):



Kenmare Fair Day, August – Co. Kerry

Fair Day in Kenmare, 15th August

Kenmare is one of the few remaining Irish towns that continue to honor the Fair Day tradition. The 15th of August Fair Day has been an annual event for at least two hundred years. It’s the one day each year when farmers and animal owners can bring their cattle, horses, sheep, chickens, ducks and donkeys to the town square to sell or trade them in the streets. Over time the fair has grown to include stalls where all manner of other goods and services are sold from antiques and bric-a-brac to fortune telling.

I’ve never seen Kenmare as crowded as on and everyone had fun, it was really an exceptional day for Kenmare!

Kenmare Farmers Market, Co. Kerry


Kenmare, Co. Kerry
Kenmare, Co. Kerry

The Kenmare Farmers Market takes place every Wednesday in the Square. It is a well-known market and many buses make a stop in order to give tourists a chance to buy some handcrafted souvenirs or some very good local food, but not only.

What else you can find near the market square:

Yes, you also find this in Kenmare 🙂


I’ve been at the Kenmare market almost every day unless it was raining too heavy or I was busy at a festival in another place in Ireland.

During the week, there is or was a General market in the Square, almost every day. But I’ve heard some rumours that in 2017, the Kenmare market will only be held on Wednesdays, not the other days anymore. But, I cannot say if this is true, you have to check out the Kenmare Markets Facebook Page for regular updates:

Have fun in Kenmare!



Milltown Farmers Market, Co. Kerry

The Milltown Farmers Market in Co. Kerry is held in a church, therefore it’s very special and I want to mention it here as well, as I only know the market as a visitor a few years ago.

It’s a tiny old Protestant Church and it has a very special flair.

The markets in Ireland were really special to me: I met so many nice and helpful traders, people from different backgrounds, and I made also some very good friends I am thankful for. Not only I could see Ireland from a totally other view, but I had also a tiny insight into the way of life of the Irish people, which is a very precious gift for me.

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Farmers Markets and such in Ireland

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