In summer 2015, I’ve spent 4 weeks in Dublin. I attended a Bartender Course there just for fun, or better, to improve my English but did not want to take an ordinary language course. So, I lived in a Hostel in the heart of Dublin, only a few steps away from Dublin Temple Bar. I loved it! 🙂

I love the Irish hospitality culture with its fiddlers in the pubs, it’s so amazing! While the other students of the course went to discover Dublin’s nightlife with some (or many) cocktails, I preferred to sit in a nice traditional pub with a lovely typical Irish food on my plate, a good pint of Stout, Lager or Ale (yes, I’ve learned my lessons at the Bartender Course 🙂 ) and a group of locals playing Irish songs in the corner! Yes, can’t wait to do that again!

So, here are a few impressions of mine from Dublin. I try to add some more with the time. But, for now, enjoy these pictures:


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