Gerlinde in Ireland
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My name is Gerlinde. I speak German, Italian and English.

I had the chance to discover Ireland several times by now and not only as a tourist. I mostly traveled to the Southwestern part of the Emerald Isle. I was so impressed by the wonderful Celtic background and the Viking influences spread all over the island that I decided to create this website to share my impressions with you.

I have a hospitality diploma, so I was very interested in the Irish hospitality. As I already mentioned on my Dublin-site, in summer 2015 I attended a Professional Bartender Course in Dublin. I was keen to learn everything about the Irish beer crafts, the fermentation and the distillation of the different types of whiskey and, of course, about the production of the many many spirits you can find in Ireland! It was a hard time, though – but amazing!!

Cocktails Bartender Exam

And I never thought it would be possible to mix sooo many cocktails in such a short time at the final exam! 10 cocktails in 12 minutes, yeah! I did it!! Proud Gerlinde, haha! Other challenges were free pouring and flair – we let the bottles fly! And, I was surprised about my great mark at the end (lol)… You see: everything is possible in Ireland!

Bartender Test Results

But, first of all, this course gave me the chance to explore Dublin and enjoy Ireland from another perspective. I got the chance to meet many locals and made new friends.

Traditional Irish Music

As an old violin player (a long time ago) I obviously have a special connection to the Irish fiddlers you can find in the traditional Irish Pubs and almost in every corner of the streets… I love it!

In Summer 2016, I spent 2 months in Kenmare, Co. Kerry. I volunteered as a childminder and as a helping hand at the markets and some festivals around Ireland. It was a very interesting experience.

That been said, it’s not hard to imagine that I made this wonderful decision to create a travel blog by embedding also fights and hotels searches to make it easier for you to find a suitable way to visit Ireland.

Enjoy my impressions, find your perfect vacation in Ireland and discover the hidden places of the old history of our ancestors.

Fáilte go hÉirinn – Welcome to Ireland!

P.S.: I am the photographer of the feather sculpture Kindred Spirits 2015 (Midleton, Co. Cork, Ireland), in the slider and the header of this website. The Artist, Alex Pentek, kindly gave me permission to publish the images on this website, as the sculpture is now a part of the Irish landscape at Midleton.

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